Having to wear a CPAP mask at night has its challenges. Waking up with "strap marks" on your face every morning doesn't make it any better. Why not make it easier and more comfortable to wear your mask by trying a simple and soft solution. The STRAP SOFTIE.

Your cost is low, and we GUARANTEE you will have a more comfortable night’s sleep. So easy to use. Just slip each STRAP SOFTIE over the bottom straps of your CPAP mask. Fit over your face as usual.

There are other types out there, but we know you’ll LOVE our

Even if you DON’T get "strap marks", the SOFTIES cushion the straps on your CPAP mask to give you comfort every time you wear it.

Our competitors have skinnier versions with velcro closure, which can be difficult to remove from the straps if you have arthritis in your hands. Others have pictures and instructions, and the use of a wire “tool” is necessary to get the covers on the straps. The clips have to be completely removed from the straps and then re-attached after the cover is installed.

Our STRAP SOFTIE offers the following benefits:
  • NO "strap marks" after wearing

  • NO bulky velcro

  • NO "clumsy or confusing tool" necessary to install

  • NO NEED to remove the clips from your mask straps - just slip the straps through the SOFTIES

  • Easy and helpful for people with arthritis in their hands and fingers

  • Can be washed and put in the dryer, but hand washing and air drying is preferred

  • Stays in place, but can be easily adjusted - just slide back and forth

  • Prevents strap irritation on sensitive skin

  • Thick enough padding for comfort

  • Thin enough not to break the seal on your mask

  • One size fits all

  • Made from "so-soft" fleece material which is softer than regular fleece, and slightly stretches for added comfort

  • Only $10.00 per pair - (Buy an extra pair for yourself and give one to a friend)

  • For discount on larger quantities, please contact us at sales@strapsoftie.com.

So Simple  .  .  .  So Soft

My husband has sleep apnea and uses a CPAP machine. Every morning he would wake up with deep 'marks' on his face caused by the straps on his CPAP mask. One morning he had a meeting with a client, and when they met he could tell his client used a CPAP because he had marks on his face too. He asked me if there was anything I could do to 'fix this embarassing problem'. I had some really soft fleece material that I made into 'tube-like' covers and slipped them over the CPAP mask straps to cushion his face. They worked GREAT! No more 'strap marks'. So simple, so soft, and the problem was solved. This was the beginning of the SOFTIES.

We talked to our friends who have sleep apnea and found that most of them also had a 'strap mark' problem. We knew that our STRAP SOFTIES would benefit them and other CPAP users.

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