"I didnít realize there was anything I could do to stop the marks on my face. I tried the STRAP SOFTIES and was amazed at how comfortable they were. I slept GREAT and woke up with no marks on my face." - DAVID -TX

"Excellent product! The FOREHEAD SOFTIE cured the headaches I got from the silicone pad rubbing on my forehead. They are super SOFT!Ē - MICHAEL - Canada

"I donít know how I ever did without the STRAP SOFTIES. They are really soft, and cushion my face from the straps. Absolutely WONDERFUL. I highly recommend STRAP SOFTIES!" - CHERYL - OK

"My Mother was NOT happy with the idea of having to use a CPAP machine. The STRAP SOFTIES made it more comfortable and SO much easier for her to adjust. THANKS!" - DEE - CA

"The FOREHEAD SOFTIE is very comfortable, and I have no more red marks. My forehead thanks you!" - RUSTY - Germany

"I purchased the STRAP SOFTIE and FOREHEAD SOFTIE and was ELATED to finally get a comfortable night's sleep, and to wake up with NO marks on my face." - JUSTIN - NC

"What a GREAT idea! The FOREHEAD SOFTIE is so soft, and a perfect fit!" - REBECCA - FL

"I'm very pleased with my SOFTIES. They totally solved my strap mark problem." - LONA - Australia

"I LOVE my new STRAP SOFTIES. They 'snuggle' my face and my strap marks are gone." - CAMILLE - AZ

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